Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Twofer Tuesday

Odd the thrift store business. Sometimes the most interesting things show up in your shop. Here's a two fer Tuesday.  I got a chrome eyeball floor lamp and a Lucite table lamp. They make me think vintage, but I'm just not sure. Maybe some of the smart people who check in here from time to time will chime in and tell us what we have.

A Lucite lamp that looks like a  "9" or from the other side an "e"

So I have these two lamps anyone wanna jump in and tell me all about them. There's a guy out there I call Superman. He'll probably know.

The tripod on this looks like some Ludwig cymbal stands I had from the mid 60s

Crappy pic #2. Still the floor stand makes me think mid 60s

Nice rugs, bad pictures.

The business end.

I believe it's going to be for sale, if I can find some comps.

Very chromish.

The only markings on it. I wanna believe 60s, but it's just in such darn good shape.

And this big ol #9 I'm thinking early 70s. You guys?

It's thick and heavy.

I'm more of a 50s 60s guy. This one will be for sale too.
 So what am I sitting on, panel of experts?

We'll be right back with more . . . stuff.

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