Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seth Thomas Sunburst (or is it) Starburst Clock

There are those midcentury mavens who really dig the big name designer stuff (love ya Superman & Dana) and then there are those of us (mainly me) who really dig the everyday, working man's stuff. You know, the blue collar guy working an 8 - 5 and making a hundred ninety eight fifty a week. The house was furnished (not decorated) in the stuff bought at the "discount" store or out of the Sears catalog. That's my kind of stuff.

Dig this clock! It's a Seth Thomas and man oh man it is nice. I'm no clock expert and I couldn't tell you when it was made. So consequently I can't say for sure whether it was late 60s and the quartz movement came in it or if it's older and someone added the movement later. But it doesn't matter, because just look at it!

That hour hand looks a little funky and era inappropriate, but . . . oh well.

It's a Seth Thomas. That makes up for everything.
Is it original to the clock? Who cares? It's beautiful and keeps excellent time.

The arms look great from both sides. Not unlike my own!

Detail shots are always important.

So is it really teak? Who knows? Who cares? It's beautiful and it keeps excellent time.

Not a significant amount of wear. It must have hung in an out of the way place.

Now the hard choice. eBay or my house? Decisions decisions.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff


  1. That's one very cool clock! I vote on keeping it at your house.

    My SIL likes designer stuff mainly because selling a few pieces of it pays all the bills for the month. I love looking at designer stuff, but I can't afford it for myself, so my house is furnished in early eBay and Craigslist (and the occasional cut-rate deal/trade I can finagle out of my SIL). My daughter is still a true lover of kitsch and turns down half my SIL's offers to bring things home from the store. We're a diverse crew. :)

  2. I had and subsequently sold this exact same clock! I did have to put a new mechanism in it however. The hands look original to me. If you love it, you should keep it!

  3. Aak! How could you sell that? It's just gorgeous. I just followed someone's tutorial and made a sunburst mirror using wood shims painted turquoise and gold. Total cost, about 8 dollars.

  4. I bought this exact same clock for my GF about two years ago. It is a fantastic clock. FYI-the hands and the "C" battery movement are exactly the same. I'd be willing to say it's all original.