Tuesday, October 15, 2013

American of Martinsville Partial Bedroom Set

Update: We've sold the bedroom set.

I've mentioned this at least a thousand times (or maybe twice) I do not know designer's names, or names of product lines, or much of the minutiae of the stuff that I like so much. It's just cool stuff to me. Oh sure, I can tell this set is American of Martinsville, but only because it is burned into the side of the drawer. I picked it up at an auction because I liked the look. It was a bonus to find out that it had a "name".

It's a shame there were only three pieces. I bet the rest of this set looked great.

What a great color. I'm going to call it pecan, but what do I know.

The bow tie inserts really class up the joint dontcha think?
Nine drawers, baby! Wonder what the chest of drawers looked like?

What's a MCM dresser without an off center mirror?

Only one night stand, maybe it should go into the spare room.
Oh sure, it has a few scratches here and there, but nothing that destroys the vibe.

A better three piece set, I've never had.

And what's better yet - it's for sale for only $159. You can see it at Friends of Abandoned Animals Thrift Store, 13026 Palm Beach Boulevard in Fort Myers Shores, Fla., 33905. Call us at 239-267-5309.

We'll be right back with  . . . more stuff.

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