Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Henry Link Bali Hai Faux Bamboo Furniture

I've been fooling around with Mid Century Stuff for a couple of years and it seems every day or so something pops its head up to remind me of how little I really know.

Today's example: Henry Link's Bali Hai bedroom furniture.

Here's some right here.

So as you might have heard, Wonder Woman and I have opened a thrift store. Today (Monday) was our first day of operation. It was a successful day, and we sold the nice dark wood bedroom furniture we had on display. Then it was time to restock. Guess we'll have to put out that crappy yellow stuff we bought at that estate sale.

Short side-note. We went to an estate sale on its final day about half an hour to closing time. We made a deal for the entire remaining contents of this house for a ridiculously low dollar figure. It included the bedroom we sold today, this Henry Link Bali Hai set, an American by Martinsville dresser and matching nightstand, and a huge gob of other stuff. Love estate sales at closing time. Anyway back to the other story.

So we drag the yellow stuff out of storage, set it up, and I look through the drawers to see if I can find a name. Henry Link and Bali Hai pop out at me. It means nothing. I get home. I'm in bed with the computer on my lap researching Henry Link and what a wonderful surprise. People love this stuff and it seems that it is somewhat scarce. Hooray for me.

Here are the pictures. Anybody out there got any Bali Hai stories to share?

A three drawer chest with hutch.

The four drawer chest on the left isn't Bali Hai. Anybody recognize those knobs?

King size headboard and two nightstands.

The desk and chair that they painted white and had in their living room.

Extra wide dresser and two mirrors.
So two mirrors, two nightstands, headboard, desk and chair, dresser, three drawer chest and hutch. Ten pieces. Have I found the pot at the end of the rainbow or the pot in the water closet?

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. I'm not familiar with Bali Hai either...but I sure understand what you mean about realizing how little I know. I was just laughing with my SIL the other day about thinking, when I first started my blog, "What if I run out of material after 6 months or so?" What a laugh! I've been posting every day for over two years now, and I haven't even scratched the surface.

    Congratulations to you and Wonder Woman for a successful first day. May there be many, many more.

  2. Rough sanding a piece of the Bali Hai right now. Anyone know if the original paint was lead based?

  3. I have the sage green bedroom set in my master bedroom in my beach condo in Ocean city MD. My parents purchased it new in 1976 and it still looks brand new.

  4. I have 2 three drawer hutches and one twin headboard that were given to me about 25 years ago. I didn't like the color so I painted them pink! Any idea what they're worth? I want to tag sale them this weekend.

  5. beautiful pieces. My husband and I just purchashed the twin headboard, footboard, dresser, large mirror and one nightstand Saturday. I didn't know the name either, and now in looking it up, we got the DEAL OF THE CENTURY!

  6. just picked up the 2 piece hutch set and nitestand at a tag sale for $15. SCORE

  7. I love both mid century modern, and natural rattan/bamboo furniture. But I hate Bali Hai, looks like old-lady with bad taste picked them out. I just cleared out two bedrooms filled with this stuff that the previous owner of my condo left behind for me. Did keep 2 nightstands as they might blend in as part of my lanai tiki bar till I get real bamboo/rattan stuff. Really don't see what you guys see in it....

  8. Seriously, you came on this board with peeps who love the stuff, to share your negative energy.

    1. I know!! I can't believe what I'm reading.

  9. My first Henry Link was from Craigslist 4 years ago. I really like the look of bamboo and saw a 3 drawer dresser for $40. I recently came across someone moving and needed to get rid of furniture for free. I go to their 3rd story apt and find it is a bedroom set of Henry Link furniture they are giving to me. It was a 90 degree day, but was worth walking 3 stories to get this FREE. Some pieces there is damage and mirror is missing a finial, the highboy dresser is the best piece and my favorite one. I'm thinking of painting it, and will probably sell some of the pieces. Such a score!