Friday, September 21, 2012

Looks Like We Made It. A Sneak Peek At Our Inventory.

The thrift store that would not be born has met its match. Wonder Woman, her sister (still haven't thought of a clever title for her) and yours truly have all been pulling (hard), and now there's a big 'ol fat thrift store head just about to pop out.

The thrift store opens on Monday, September 24th and I've thrown together a  very limited sneak peek. Dave's MidCentury Stuff : The Retail Store won't make its appearance for awhile, but we're working on it.

Here then is a limited sneak peek at some of the thrift store stuff.

 This is exactly the kind of stuff you'd expect to find in a thrift store. Bowling accoutrements.
Oh, and when you pronounce accoutrements you should always be pretentious and pronounce it like this:

aw - coo - tray - maw

People will be so impressed with you, or make fun of you. I forget which. Anyway, back to the bowling stuff. This is a lady's ball. It's a Columbia 300. The bag is in very good shape, the shoes are new, and they're size 9.

Here's the top half of a pedestal sink. The part that it sits on is behind it. It's used, but doesn't have a scratch on it. This baby would be up around a hundred plus at Lowes. Here it's only fifty bucks.

Didja ever want to go outside and just dig around in the dirt? Good luck finding some. All we have is sand at our house. So if you decide you want to go out and dig around in the sand we have a decent selection of hand gardening tools. These cost a buck or two each. And if you have sensitive hands we even have a couple pair of gloves at 50 cents a pair.

We have a DOT approved helmet in red, and a helmet in white that is just different enough from an Imperial Storm Trooper helmet from Star Wars that I suspect someone was trying to dodge licensing fees. Anyway it's cool because it still works. It plays some pre-recorded messages, and it has a microphone so you can speak your own mind while wearing it. And it looks like we're giving it away (figuratively speaking). How much? Ten bucks. And fifteen for the DOT approved helmet.

We have a really nice bedroom set. You get the tall chest, the dresser, the mirror, two night stands, and a king size headboard and frame. This is sturdy heavy stuff. No pressed sawdust in this set. How much? How does five hundred fifty bucks (mattress and box springs not included) sound to you? Pretty good, eh? Feast your eyes on this.

This chest, dresser and mirror.
These two night stands.

This headboard and a king size frame.

I know what you're thinking.
"That's a pretty nice bedroom, Dave, but do you have living room furniture?"
Since you asked so nicely, yes. Yes we do. Here is a tropical inspired two seat mini sofa, and we have a matching three seat sofa to go with it. Both pieces - hundred fifty bucks.

Need some tables to go with that new living room furniture? Try these glass topped coffee and end tables. The coffee table is octagonal with a shelf underneath for those magazines you never throw away.

I put this picture here so you could see the end tables that go with the coffee table above, (they're on the right) but it looks like a better picture of a beige leather recliner, a tropical china cabinet, and a peek at our pool table. I'm not sure what the tables cost, but it's reasonable. The recliner is seventy five. The china cabinet is about two hundred fifty, and the pool table - well let me just tell you about the pool table.

This is a seven to seven and a half foot (I'm not sure how you measure them) pay table. The pay mechanism has been removed, and to be honest this table is a little rough cosmetically.

BUT . . . you could park cars on it. This dude is heavy. It has a 3/4" slate top, and what looks like 3/4" or 1" plywood bottom. All four legs are adjustable. It comes with two racks (regular and nine ball), two sticks, a wall rack, a set of balls, and a piece of chalk. As I said, it may be a bit rough cosmetically, but you'll never find a more indestructible pool table for two hundred and fifty bucks.

This is man town where you'll find things of interest to men (and cool chicks who also like things non-girly). Here we have tools, tool boxes, exercise stuff, unicycle seats, speakers, a hand-held 40 channel Radio Shack CB radio, vibrating car seat covers, nuts, bolts and many other assorted things all covered in testosterone.

And wall art. We have so much wall art we're bound to have something you like. Here's a reproduction of a Monaco Grand Prix poster. We also have owls, light houses, sconces, . . . well you get the picture. Picture. Get it? Hah, I made a joke.

That's the end of our sneak peak tour. I hope you found something you can't live without, and you'll be waiting out in the parking lot for us to open on Monday, September 24th.

Our thoughts on donations . . .

Clean out a closet (or a garage) and help feed a hungry animal. You'll feel better. Twice.


  1. A difficult birth, to be sure...but it looks like you're the proud father to a healthy store! Congratulations...and I hope Monday is a great day for you!

  2. Good luck with the shop! Hope everything goes great.

  3. Gosh it looks good, wish I was somewhere close to you so I could pay a visit! How about Charlie's Angel for your SIL? Unless she's got a jealous husband who ISN'T named Charlie! 8-)