Monday, October 8, 2012

Look What I Found - Lane Acclaim Tables

So since the thrift store is just two weeks old, and people aren't donating in mass quantities, we find ourselves in auctions somewhat regularly.

Last Friday we hit one of our usual spots because we saw these pictures on their website:

My thought was: no big deal on the end tables, but I MUST have that articulated coffee table.

So we get to the auction, and after having spent maybe fifty bucks on several box lots that included a bunch of Renwal plastic toys from the 40s - 50s, some old flat irons, and some special dolls and teddy bears, the tables come up.

Turns out they were going to sell them as a set. Oh well! Guess I'll be getting the end tables too. It didn't take too long before bidding got out of my comfort zone. I paid a hundred and twenty five more for them than my previously set limit. But now I have a fairly desirable coffee table. You just don't see these every day.

Kind of looks like it's floating doesn't it?

Now if I just had an old scratchy wool sectional to put this in front of.

Or maybe a ten foot long sofa.

The coffee table came off the line two days before JFK was assassinated. 11/20/63

This is so cool. I had to have a bottom shot.

End table #1 - 12/22/62

Nearly fifty, and yet it doesn't look a day over thirty five.

This one isn't quite as old
It came off the line same time as the coffee table. 11/20/63

Some people like the old patina. Some like newly refinished
We're selling them as is and the new owner can decide their fate.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. Nice set Dave! I just got a note from a reader that Acclaim table fetch 4 bills up in the DC area!

  2. The tables are gorgeous. I've got a huge Lane Acclaim collection, but the haven't yet been able to get my paws on one of the scissor tables. Great find!

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  3. Hi. That articulated cocktail table is a great find. I hope to get my hands on one some day. Right now I have the lamp table and am wondering if you can help me date it. I see that your dates are the serial number in reverse. I can't make sense of mine: 2766280. Help? Please & thanks.

  4. wow, you lucky dog. I am working on the long coffee and 2 step end tables. Ouch a smoker owned these first and u know. So I an restoring. Seelwool and lacquer thinner works best. Would love to see one like yours. What I have is the first Ive ever seen. Not many in the deep south. My is dated 09-16-61