Monday, October 22, 2012

Somebody Help Me!

Wonder Woman and I were made the beneficiaries of some leftovers in a house after its owner fled the heat, humidity, and flying insects that give SW Florida its charm.

Anyway, I've been trying to price it. I've looked high and low for something like it and just can't. Is it possible that this stuff is from the wonderful 50s or swingin' 60s?

I don't have the readership that most of my blogging contemporaries have, but I know some smart people check-in here from time to time. So... everybody... what is this... old, or just hard to identify contemporary stuff?

I think you would call this rattan.

It doesn't have the traditional look of wicker with wrapped pieces.

The diameter of the cane is 1/8". And man, there's a lot of it.

The cushions may be new, but the chairs themselves have a bit of "patina".

Actually I would love to have these around our pool.

The problem is we don't have a pool.
So what do you think? Ever seen anything like this before? We'd love to hear read your thoughts.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. The only vintage rattan I'm familiar with is the Paul Frankl/Ritts Tropitan type, but I'm certainly no expert, so I'm not much help.

    Those pieces are pretty darn cute though, and I bet they go fast, whether you discover their pedigree or not.

  2. It looks similar to Tommy Bahama Home Road To Canberra, but I don't think that is what it is.

  3. My first reaction was Pier 1 or World Market...but I really don't have a clue.

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  5. My first reaction is they definetely look like newer pieces albiet kinda fun. If the dust cover under the pieces is in good to great shape they probably are contemporary. You may be able to pull it back and check the construction for some hints...