Monday, October 29, 2012

Faux Bamboo is better than No Bamboo

A popular, well run thrift store needs to be fed several hundred pounds of stuff a day. As old stuff goes out new stuff needs to be brought in, and on and on it goes.

Sure wish I had a popular, well run thrift store. But I don't. I have a so-so, fairly decently run thrift store, and it only requires being fed a couple hundred pounds of stuff a week.

Interestingly, some of the last several hundred pounds have been faux bamboo. I found myself in possession of a 10 piece set of Henry Link - Bali Hai bedroom furniture, and having sold most of that I now find myself in possession of a Thomasville Faux bamboo dinette set.

How 'bout these apples?

The chair backs are spindley and knobby.

Looks pretty bambooish doesn't it?

It's a crappy pic, but it shows the Formica top in great condition.

I've seen this same upholstery in other pics of this furniture. Wow, could I have original upholstery?

Does this mean this set is from 1967? Beats me.

Chair tags.

That's the latch I didn't know existed when I was trying to pull the table apart.

I still have a couple of pieces of the Henry Link - Bali Hai hanging around. The person who bought the other six pieces (including the dresser) didn't want the mirrors, or this cool 3 drawer chest with hutch. I did find out that this Bali Hai was made in September of 1979. Not quite as old as I thought it might be, but still quite fun stuff.

The design similarities between this stuff and the Thomasville above are obvious.

Maybe these two pieces don't even go together.

This might have gone on the desk.

Same paint color, same trim color, same Formica top.

Wonder if a third party made this stuff for Henry Link and Thomasville.

 Remember - faux bamboo is better than no bamboo.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. That Thomasville set looks so familiar. I think the mother of one of my high school girlfriends had it.

  2. I'd guess that the Thomasville set was made in 1967 or recently after. That table latch gives it away. You'd probably have better luck popping the plates and spraying the mirrors white and shabbying them up to sell for someones bath. Not that I normally advocatee painting furniture, but these aren't all that special and we be hard to move as-is. The older Henry Link was made pretty well, but the new stuff is crap.