Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Little Something From The Male Chauvinist Pig Department

I've said before things were better in the old days. Okay, not everything.

I'm sure some other blogger has already done this (and probably better) but here is something worth having a laugh over.

No offense intended, just a poke in our own eye at how stupid we used to be.

Today: Sexism in advertising in the old days.

This is nice - sexism and domestic violence.
I think The Rolling Stones discussed this in Mother's Little Helper
Thank God! The beer's Okay!
Yeah, because she's not a car nerd like you. Nice hat, Melvin Purvis.
I wonder if she got a pair of heels, and some pearls so she can vacuum right.

This has to be the grandparent of some diamond jewelry ads I've seen lately.

Stupid ad, but really cool car.

 Don't take this stuff seriously. I've been holding onto this for weeks trying to decide if I should publish it. I admit it. I ran out of other things.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. I see ads like these from time to time, and I can hardly believe that things have changed so much in my lifetime. The really strange thing is that I don't remember women being particularly offended by any of this till my generation came along. Other types of ads look strange to us today the ones with Santa hawking cigarettes and such.

  2. bwahh haaa! my fave is the schlitz ad! i pinned it

  3. Wow, too funny. Glad we've moved a bit beyond that kind of representation. I still think that although women are accepted as smart business women these days, they still have a harder time in blue collar jobs being accepted for their real skills. Great ad!

  4. Funny, but still can't really believe people thought like that!

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