Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Quick Drive Around Vegas With Bob

When I got here in the 60s things were different. For one thing What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas was so obvious it didn't need saying. The other thing was - the mob ran things. This town was safe, you could eat for pennies, and drink for free. The mob wanted you to leave all of your money here so they made it very enticing for you to stay. The longer you stayed the more money you lost. Ah, the good old days.

Hey, did you ever see the film Casino with Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone? It was filmed here.

I'm Bob. I'll be your guide through Vegas. Sit back and enjoy the trip.

Let's go drive by the house that appeared in the movie as DeNiro and Stone's home.

See ya inside.

This is the house used in the film. Sam Rothstein (Robert DeNiro) and his wife Ginger (Sharon Stone) lived here. It sits on the same golf course in the scene with Joe Pesci talking trash about the FBI flying over in a plane. Don Rickles was also here.

The people who own it hate it when tourists come by and stand in front for a snapshot.

Speaking of Don Rickles - I Love This Man! There was this one night when Don, Bob Newhart, and I crashed this party at Debbie Reynolds place and (edited by Dave)

 Remember this scene where they blow up the car DeNero is in?

Sam Rothstein being "hit". He survived it though.

 Here is a picture of the real guy the movie was based on, and the real car that was blown up.

The guy upon whose life the film Casino was based.

Frank Rosenthal having been"hit".  He survived too.

Hey, and speaking of Debbie Reynolds, you know, Eddie Fisher's wife, Elizabeth Taylor's friend/enemy?

Back when she was young and (edited by Dave)

 You know, Princess Leia's mom, right?

Good ol' Cinnamon Bun Head

Well here's the house Debbie lived in in Vegas. I could tell you stories, but Dave would probably edit them out. Oh, by the way. It's for sale.

You know who else lived in this very same house? Sonny Liston. He was a champion heavy weight boxer back in the early 60s. He had alleged ties to the mob (Gee, and he lived in Vegas?) and died in this very house. The Sonny Liston Death House, For Sale in Las Vegas. Debbie & Sonny. A little something for everybody.

Sonny is the one on his back. Some say he took a dive. Who cares. It's history.

Here's a couple of pix of the houses in the Debbie Reynolds/Sonny Liston Death House neighborhood.

One more place to show you before I get back to the chicks waiting for me in the other room. Here is one of the earlier homes of my friend Wladziu Valentino Liberace. I call him Lee, you call him . . .


Lee had several homes over the four decades he lived and played here. This is the one that has the sixty five thousand dollar bathtub in it.

I read on this very blog once about the African Queen being in a sorry state of disrepair sitting down in Key Largo. Unfortunately this is happening to this house too. It was recently sold at auction, but nothing is being done to it. One day it will slip unnoticed into history, or be torn down and be gone for ever. Too bad.

Hey, dudes and dudettes, I gotta split. This has been Bob Oster, your Vegas tour guide, saying  If it's old, it's gold.

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  1. I don't know what kind of house I thought Debbie Reynolds would have lived in, but that's not it. On the other hand, that's exactly the kind of house I thought Liberace would have lived in. Thanks for the tour, Bob, you old charmer.