Monday, April 2, 2012

Live From Las Vegas - It's Bob Oster

Hey you groovy Cats and Chicks, it's me - Bob Oster, coming to you live, and in living color from Sin City, Las Vegas, baby.

I have it on good authority that these chicks can spin their tassels in different directions at the same time.

Hey, I know some of you dig the old mid century architecture. So I took a special trip out to the old part of town. The old part of town! Ha, seems like just yesterday when it was the only part of town. Man, you could come down here and drink and gamble and I'd have to beat the chicks off with a stick. Ah, the good old days.

Now it's all these posing want-to-be's who wouldn't know what a swingin' good time in Vegas was if it came up and bit 'em on the (edited by Dave). And nobody dresses up anymore. Why, back when I was a young mixologist if you weren't dressed three ways from Sunday you didn't get in the place. Walking around here with their kids, and their khaki shorts and their tennis shoes. Kids! Hey people this is Vegas, not Disneyland. Leave the rugrats at home, and let's get down and party like it's 1959. Excuse me. I fell off the track there for a moment.

I got good lookin' pictures of some old motel marquees inside and a few of my own treasures. See ya inside.

Pretty space age, eh?

Love those 4 pointed stars

This one isn't so hot, but I was already standing there.

Hey, this is better. Pretty atomic, huh?

Finally, the Lucky Cuss. Definitely has that MCM vibe.

Now here is some advice for those of you who watch The History Channel. Stay away from this pawn shop. You'll stand in line for hours. Did I ever mention it get's hot here? You'll stand in line for hours under the sweltering sun and risk sun stroke to go inside a pawn shop. It's just a pawn shop. It's a place where losers with no money get taken advantage of by other losers with money. Hey, wait a minute. That sounds like the whole town. Well, do what you want, but try and stand in this line and not look like a tourist.

Tourists sweatin'.

Here's a couple of my most recent finds.

Whaddaya mean punch bowl? It's a Chip and Dip

This is from The Sands. I remember a night there when Red Skelton and I and this showgirl . . . (edited by Dave)

A little mosaic candy dish.

I don't know, it was 75 cents.

You're probably thinking this is a little feminine for me, but the chicks dig it.

Hey, that's it Cats and Kittens. Dave will be back later.

Ciao, baby.


  1. Hey Bob, I love the old Vegas signs and goodies. Stay cool.

  2. Bob's friends look like pretty talented young ladies. :)

  3. Hey Bob. These are great. Imagine the history and stories behind all of these places. What was the first motel to open up in Vegas and who were the first celebrity couple to get married at a local chapel? Keep the pix and stories coming. Lounge Hounde