Friday, April 13, 2012

Vintage Cannon Towel Ads (or) Some Things That Make You Go Hmm!

I wasn't alive in the 40s. But apparently being alive in the 40s wasn't as straight laced as I thought. I'm on a vintage advertising kick right now, so bear (or should I say bare) with me. Cannon, the towel people, made some pretty risque towel ads back in the 40s. I couldn't resist sharing them.

Hey guys, wanna watch me take a shower?

I thought soft core porn came along with Hugh Hefner in the 50s with the publication of Playboy. Apparently Cannon had him beat by a decade. Here are some (what I thought might have been) risque towel ads. They ran in all the big magazines. Oh, and also apparently gays in the military isn't a new thing either. Enjoy the show.

I just don't know where to begin. I don't think the crocodiles would have gotten within a mile of this.

At least these guys still have their skivvies on.

War is hell, unless you're naked and watching a coronation.

I knew 11 year old boys who would have given me their lunch money for this. Oh, I mean when I was 11 too.

Wonder what the guy lying on the bunk is looking at with that big smile on his face?

Including the one wrapped around her, there are 51 towels in that bath. Who has 51 towels?

The lady above has 51 towels to herself. These 7 guys have 1 towel between them. Somehow I just don't think they care.

Those 11 year old boys I mentioned above. This would have made them explode.

I just love these old ads. And even though I've been ragging on them, the guys who fought in the Pacific and European theaters in WWII are heroes in my book. And finally, 11 year old boys do eventually grow up. Sort of.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. WoW!! Who would have thought these sort of ads would be from the 1940's!
    You are so funny! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts!
    Robin, AR

    1. As Elvis would say,



  2. Super fun and surprising! I think you will notice that all the naked soldiers are Army. Everyone knows the Navy guys are more modest! ;-)

    1. I really like the word - naked. It's a much more fun word than nude. Don't you think?

    2. Here in Texas, we say NEKKID!
      I only just discovered your blog and I've been reading and browsing through the pictures for over two and a half hours now.
      You are a KICK!!
      Along with being amazed at the incredible finds, you are so much fun! Thank you so much for creating this Fabulous and Devoon blog!

  3. Notice that Jens Risom chair in the first female pic? Surplus webbing from the war put to good use!!

    1. No, David, I did not notice the chair. I noticed bare butt and side boob, but I did not notice a chair. I'm worried about you my friend.

  4. Crazy! I would never have thought ads like this were published back then.

  5. Makes me wonder about the ad agency that produced these... "just good clean fun" Ha!
    If these Army scenarios actually happened (!!!!) how embarrassing it would have been to get caught in an air raid during one of them!
    Your captions are great!!!
    Made my day!

    1. Thank you for enjoying my captions. That made MY day.

  6. Hey, Dave,
    I think your post about Cannon towels would be great for a capsule on How to be a Retronaut. Not sure if you're aware of the site. I go there everyday (via email). Check it out here (copy and paste)
    You would have to post your capsule without your captions but with a brief intro. But, in return you would get a lot of direction/interest/followers to you site.
    I hope you check out the site regardless. It's pretty cool!