Friday, April 6, 2012

Warning to Clown-O-Phobes Clown Content Below

First my sincerest apologies for not being as regular as I have been. I'm still on the road and sometimes I get a little tied up.

So I happened by a Goodwill when I was home last weekend. I found a fifty two year old Quartite clown lamp. Had to share. Oh yeah, I bought it.

 A face only a mother clown could love.

For the one hundredth time, excuse the background. This is our work area.

He has more than his share of wear and tear, but at least he still exists.

Clown banging a drum and going away.

Not quite sure what it's supposed to be that he's straddling.

He works too. When he's not banging a drum he lights bulbs.

The money shot.

Not sure, but I think he'll end up on the For Sale list.

Nice hat.

Creepy, but not as creepy as this next guy . . .

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. Mom started a clown collection for me when I was still a little guy in a crib. I swear they sat on that shelf and plotted all sorts of horrible things. Strange thing is that was almost forty years ago and I still have them safely put away in a box, hmm wonder if there worth anything.

  2. I'll be sure and tell my son-in-law not to read this post. He's so not lovin' clowns...LOL

  3. From the more than strange department:

    Right after I posted this I heard something on NPR about why children don't react well to clowns. Something about the familiarity of the body shape combined with the alien face/head. Basically it just looks monstrous to little kids.

  4. I've had to sleep with the lights on the last 2 nights after seeing that thing.