Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Parallel by Drexel Dining Table from March, 1960 Designed by Barney Flagg

Update 01/21/14: We've sold the table.

What a momentous occasion. Firstly a new post after 3 months of inactivity. It's a long story, but really, who cares, right?

And secondly, I'm mentioning a designer's name after posts and posts claiming I don't know anything about who designed what during the MidCentury era.

Barney Flagg? Barney Rubble? Again, who cares? It's the Drexel name and the Parallel series (I almost wrote Parallel line. Get it? Parallel lines? Never mind.) that is the draw here.

Parallel by Drexel Dining Table w/ Leaf

Bottom line is: We have one and if you need one come see us. Check this out.