Tuesday, October 15, 2013

American of Martinsville Partial Bedroom Set

Update: We've sold the bedroom set.

I've mentioned this at least a thousand times (or maybe twice) I do not know designer's names, or names of product lines, or much of the minutiae of the stuff that I like so much. It's just cool stuff to me. Oh sure, I can tell this set is American of Martinsville, but only because it is burned into the side of the drawer. I picked it up at an auction because I liked the look. It was a bonus to find out that it had a "name".

It's a shame there were only three pieces. I bet the rest of this set looked great.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Be it a Partridge or a Peacock it's a Fabulous Lamp

Update 10/8/13: We have sold the lamp.

Do you ever sit back in amazement and wonder how could one twenty year period give birth to so much cool stuff? The chunk of time that I consider most important in my mid-mod mind are the years from 1949ish to 1969ish. After that came what I call the Mod era or the Brady Bunch era.

This lamp could be sitting right on the cusp between those two eras. Let's look at it in wonder and praise its uniqueness. And it's for sale.

Peacock Pretentiousness in Lamp form.