The Cast of Characters - Updated 2/24/19

Sergeant Dave Thrifty

Various names for the guy who does the writing around here. I was midcentury before midcentury was cool. That doesn't make me sound old does it?

My TVs are black and white and built into long wooden cabinets, my telephones have rotary dials, and much of my furniture could get the senior discount at Denney's.

I live just outside Fort Myers, Florida. I'm a part time beach bum, part time blogger, and full time mid-century buyer/seller/collector.

Wonder Woman

Wife of Dave, re-builder of carburetors, upholsterer of sofas, cleaner of things grimy, fixer of things broken, painter of houses, user of power tools, rememberer of things Dave has forgotten, knowledge sponge, and patrol partner of Sergeant Dave Thrifty.

Living in Florida. Part time horse caretaker, curator of the Wonder Woman Museum of Interesting Things, and full time restorer of crap Dave drags home.

Bob "Solid State, Baby" Oster

Bob currently lives in Las Vegas. He is a full time Mixologist, part time crooner, and a full time aficionado of anything mid century. His turn-ons include toggle switches and electricity. His turn offs are when someone hides his step stool, and trying to see over the steering wheel.

Bob does some guest blogging. That makes Dave's MidCentury Stuff reach from SW Florida all the way to Vegas. (baby)

(Note From Dave)

Bob is "old Vegas" he uses terms like Chick, Cat, Baby, Swingin', Crazy and Dig. Basically he thinks he's Frank Sinatra. Don't tell him we had this conversation.


  1. Does Bob have a last name. We apparently share some interests and live in the same city. By the way, I think Wonder Woman is great, my kind of person. Maybe someday we'll share tips on restoring our husband's finds.