Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Interrupt Collector's Corner With a SPECIAL BULLETIN

From Dave's MidCentury Stuff Headquarters in Southwest Florida we bring you a SPECIAL BULLETIN.

Tuesday is usually Collector's Corner day. And Friday is usually Let's Identify, but I found something yesterday so unique, so interesting, so evil looking that I have to put it out today to see if any of you have ever seen these. I think I want them, but I don't know why.

So even though it's a couple of days out of order . . .

Let's Identify: These Evil Looking Lamps

I don't know, maybe Gene Simmons?

Okay, here's the deal. I'm in one of my favorite thrift stores and I know where the good stuff is. I have a route that I follow. All I found was a decent ashtray for a buck (you'll see it later) and I was headed for the check out counter. When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two godawfully evil looking lamps and eight tiny reindeer. Except for the eight tiny reindeer part.

Dig these:

It don't think it's a demon, it looks ancient Asian.

They're a pair even though they're different.

Here's a close up of one of the faces.

The shades are even cool. Opaque black.

I'm a fairly big guy, but these lamps were a struggle.

So what the hell are these?

Lamps, Dave. They're lamps.

Ha ha, that's not what I mean. What kind of creatures are these. Asian, Demonic, Sumerian? Are they old? Are they valuable? Are they 40 pound hunks of plaster crap? Dumpster filler?

Please, if you haven't chimed in before I'd really like to get lots of opinions on these.


  1. OMG...those ARE frightening. I have no clue, but I sure hope someone out there knows what they are, because you have me really curious.

  2. Those are two monsterous pieces of ugly!! It's going to take someone with a special sense of taste to turn those babies. Maybe a Samurai man cave? One of the black shades might go well on my brutalist style "Maurizio Tempestini" Laurel lamp though ;-)

  3. Those are some pissed off lamps! My uncle had some similar back in the mid 60's