Monday, February 6, 2012

Smoking Accessories as a Decorating Tool: Yes or No

Disclaimer - I don't smoke. Never did. I think it's a costly and unhealthy habit, and if you do it you should give serious consideration to quitting.

Now on to the fun stuff.

The imagery of smoking is cool. At least that's how Hollywood and Madison Avenue have portrayed it over the years. Smoking is cool and cool people do it. Here Look.

James Bond made smoking kind of cool.

Dean made everything look cool.

Here's Lucy doing the sultry smoke.

Rod Serling was all about suspense and smoking.

Keith has been smoking since birth.
FDR smoked.
Ronnie smoked.
Grace Kelly smoked.
The other Grace Kelly smoked too. (It's really Betty Draper)
Don smokes . . . like a chimney.
Joan is smokin' smokes.
What's the point of showing you all these smokers? To make the point that in mid-century America, a place that we all love, damn near everybody smoked.

So it raises the question: If we're spending the time and money to do our rooms over in mid-century style, should we or should we not accessorize with smoking stuff?

My answer is: Yes

Just look at all this cool smoking stuff.

First you need a cigarette:

Roulette and smoking. Two vices in one.

One of these went for about two eighty five on ebay.
There's an ass joke in here somewhere, I just know it.

For you serious smoking accessory collectors.

Now that you have a cigarette you need to light it.

This is pretty fabulous.
A lighter for your Tiki Lounge
Something nice from Ronson.
More nice ones from Ronson.

And when it time to flip those ashes off you'll need an ashtray

Specifically you'll need a boomerang ashtray.
Extra cool.
Psychedelic ashtray.
Grandpa's ashtray.
An ashtray for the three bears.
I remember these, and I never saw a clean one.

So there you have it. Really cool smoking accessories with which to accessorize. As I said I don't smoke, but I have some of these in my house and you have to put something on those expensive Haywood Wakefield end and coffee tables.

We'll be back later with . . . more stuff.


  1. I don't smoke, either, but I love all the retro, MCM smoking accessories! I have a thing for ashtrays and I use them all the time - for other things besides smoking, of course!

  2. If your going to decorate mid century you have to have vintage smoking accessories even if you don't smoke. I'm a non smoker but I have my share of 50's and 60's smoking accessories around my home.
    Johnny Vegas

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  4. My Great Aunt had a cigarette dispenser shaped like a Lotus Blossom and when you gently pulled on the "stamen" the stylized Blossom petals opened, giving access to the cigarettes.
    My cousin later pulled the pivoting cigarette holders out and used it to store Nuts and Bolts. Whether you're a smoker or not still that's sacrilege! Ha!

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