Thursday, February 23, 2012

Frank Sinatra's First House in Palm Springs

May 1947. The war is over. Frank has made his first million dollars. He's still married to his first wife, and decides he needs a place off the beaten path.

Palm Springs. My dream town. If you read my piece on Lucy & Desi's Palm Springs home you know there is no cooler lifestyle than being filthy rich and living in a mid mod masterpiece in Palm Springs.

In case you wondered why it was called Twin Palms.
Here's Franks place in the desert. I believe it has three bedrooms, six baths, a one bed/one bath guest house, and cost Frank one hundred fifty thousand. That's about a million four in today's money.

Just like I did with Lucy's house, I'll caption the pictures and stay out of your way. This house speaks for itself.

Looking toward the house from the guest house.

Some interesting architectural detail you don't always see.

Looking toward the front gate.

The front entry.
The twin palms themselves.
The car port.
The view.
Pool from master bedroom.
A view from the dining room.
View from guest house.
Master Bedroom.
Master Bedroom.
Master Bedroom.
Living Room.
Nancy Sinatra's Room. Hmm! No go-go boots.
Frank Jr.'s bedroom.


  1. I'm drooling all over myself checking this place out! Some people just knew how to live...

  2. "Some people just knew how to live . . .

    And the swingin' cats of the Rat Pack knew better than most.

  3. Fantastic house...What a way to live!

  4. I can only imagine the moments that occurred in that house. What a beautiful place!