Saturday, February 11, 2012

Before and After Danish Modern Floor Lamp

So it's last December (2011) and I'm carousing around ebay. There in the twenty eight day listings I find this 4 foot tall danish modern floor lamp. As is.

As luck would have it, it was in Palm Beach.

Florida may be terribly long, but it's not very wide. I was able to make it to Palm Beach from Ft Myers in about an hour and a half.

This was the image on the ebay ad.

This is the before picture as seen by me on ebay.

I get the lamp home and unfortunately it still looks like this:

But upon closer examination of the shade I find this:

The shade is really thin styrene plastic.

I'm sure it wasn't meant to last 50 years.

To be fair, I knew it was like this. That's why I only paid seventy five bucks for it.

If you read my sofa re-upholstery post, you'll remember Wonder Woman. That's my wife. She who can do anything. I'm the idea man and she's the turn it into reality woman.

Twenty five dollars worth of lamp shade material and four hours later Wonder Woman had made a new shade for the lamp. Now the decent lamp with the falling apart shade looks like this:

A 30x36 inch piece of ivory linen on styrene and two 8" rings.

A couple of yards of trim, and POOF! new lamp shade.

The most observant of you will notice that the new shade is about six inches longer than the old one, and that it's sitting on a table instead of the floor. The darn thing just looked so nice we couldn't hide it on the floor so now, until the 1962 room is finished (to be mentioned in another story), it'll be a table lamp. A really tall table lamp.

We'll be back later with . . . more stuff.


  1. This is really a cool looking lamp. I have to ask does Wonder Woman wear a cape while she's working on this stuff?

  2. No, but you should see what she does with that lasso.

  3. You need a Wonder Woman, you're amazing, Dave. You know I'm right!

  4. This lighting design is amazing! I love these lights.

  5. im amazed that you picked this up for $75!!!! people have no idea how expensive these lamps are. i purchased 2 matching teak table lamps, about 3 feet tall, the shade is in a cone shape which sits in the tall carved oval of teak. bought them in '99 at a yardsale when i still lived on long island, ny... paid $10 for the pair!!!! they are worth between $200-$500 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yours looks amazing!!!

  6. Hi -- I'm planning a restoration of a very similar lamp and have a few questions. Where did you get your styrene & what thickness did you use? How is the opacity? Does light still filter nicely through the shade? Thanks!