Saturday, February 18, 2012

Before and After Danish Modern Table Lamp Shades

Sometimes I'll buy something I've never seen before just to find out how how it's made. When I saw these danish modern style lamp shades I had to have them because I'd never seen two layer shades. It seemed interesting and I wondered if I could reproduce them.

There is an inner off white shade and a woven cane outer shade. Cool.

So I spend the cash to get them into my possession. Forty eight fifty including shipping. Not a steal, but within my research and development budget. To give you some perspective; they're about twelve inches tall and eight inches in diameter. Pretty small shades. But I just wanted to see how they were made and then maybe I'd resell them. They looked like this:

Just a pair of shades hangin' out.

The wire piece with three arms is called a spider.

They just don't seem to make stuff like this anymore.

The idea is: the inner shade goes around the bulb . . .

and the outer shade diffuses the light.

So I got the general idea of what's going on and I figure I'll put them back on ebay. When, what to my wandering eyes should appear, but two danish modern lamps, and eight tiny reindeer. Well, okay, there weren't really any reindeer, but I did make it rhyme, didn't I?

I found these two shadeless danish modern style lamps on ebay. One thirty seven fifty for the pair delivered. A fair price.

I am quite enamored of Danish Modern.

I'm also a lamp fancier.

Put the two together and you have wooden lamps all over my house.

And I just love these pull chains.

So since I have these lampless shades, and these shadeless lamps, hmm, what should I do?

I swear. I had every intention of reselling these shades . . .

until these lamps came along.
It's an interesting/different look. I'm still getting used to it. I think I'm going to keep them.

What are your thoughts?

Both inner and outer shades should be inside the vertical arms? or
Diffuser shade on the outside is okay? or
Diffuser shade on the outside okay with a narrower lamp?

We'll be back later with . . . more stuff.


  1. Good Morning Dave! You have really scored big with your two lamps!
    We just bought a VERY similar pair.
    Ours have a more rounded or domed base with a brass cap. Our shades are original. The inner shade is like yours only attached to the wood risers with tiny screws. The outer shades are 15" diameter and 17" tall.
    The material is a delicate woven plastic I think. Your outer shades look a bit small however I think they are beautiful anyway! Ours make a soft light and the lamps are ART! Clueless Campers

  2. Love your lamps! They are definitely keepers.

  3. Just found and started following your blog though haven't had time to look at older posts as yet. The danish lamps are sweet but the shade do look a little undersized for the lamps. that said, they still look nice. Your only a couple of hours away and if your're up in Tampa please stop by...

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    I had the shades, I found the lamps. I put them together.

    I'm still not convinced the scale of the shades matches the scale of the lamps, but it's fairly close I think, and Wonder Woman likes them so . . .

  5. I am looking for a set of the lamps described by anonymous in the first comment. the ones with the brass caps on the base. We had a pair of table lamps and a floor lamp like those when I was a kid and I loved them. Wish my mom never sold them.

    1. You, anonymous, need to be haunting ebay regularly. Something will turn up eventually.

  6. Here are the pair I scored earlier this month. The shade is like a bleached woven burlap, with an inner cloth liner. Other ones in this style have a woven plastic-like shade.

  7. These are shades from a Gruvwood 24inch lamp.

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