Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Update To The Ceramic Animals Post of 2/14/12

It's Sunday, and I don't work too hard on Sunday. However, something interesting happened last night. Wonder Woman brought home something she found for two bucks.

It's the creepy eyed, Siamese twin Siamese cats.

This past Tuesday, February 14th, I published a post called:

Collectors Corner - Ceramic Animals

In it I said:

"Siamese cats were big back in the 60s. Some had their eyes cut out and incandescent light shone out from the holes. That was creepy.

Sometimes there were a pair of them attached at the hip. I guess those would have been Siamese twin Siamese cats. I'm not sure."

Guess what? I now have both examples in a single chunk of ceramic.

Wonder Woman came home with this great old TV lamp that has two Siamese cats attached at the hip AND their eyes have been cut out so that light shines out of them. The best part? Only two bucks.

The TV lamp sits on your old black and white television and, in addition to this example which illuminates the cats' eyes, it lights the wall behind your television evidently saving your retinas from the radiation emanating from the set.

Anyway, great score, Wonder Woman. Have a look at our Siamese twin, Siamese cats with the creepy eyes.

The small cat.

The big cat.

The big cat checking out my Alaska tray.

I didn't want to scare anyone so no illuminated eyes pix.

We'll be back later with . . . more stuff.


  1. Nice pick for 2 bucks!! Between my store and my wifes store we have lots of "animals" but the TV lights are getting harder to find...

  2. I have one other TV Lamp. A big ol' conch shell with plastic flamingo and palm tree. It's very 60s Florida souvenir kitschy.

  3. You can do some changes to them,like spray painting to make them more interesting.