Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We Went To An Auction Last Friday Night

Just after the deals I get while thrifting, I love auctions best. I especially love the auctions where hardly anyone shows up and I buy a bunch of stuff for not very much money.

We've been to this auction company a couple of times. I bought these tables there a couple of months ago. I wasn't even going to go then I looked at the auction preview photos. Needless to say I saw some things that interested me.

Tables from the auction a couple of months ago.

So I invite you to come inside and see what was available that night. I didn't buy all of this stuff, but in a couple of days I'll show you what I did get.

Warning: There are a LOT of pictures in here!

Hmmm! Is there some Heywood Wakefield peeking through?

Lots of old tube radios in this auction

Montgomery Wards brand - Airline

And one from RCA

This one has short wave too.

1952 Haywood Wakefield Encore dresser . . .

. . . in a really dirty Champaign finish.

H W headboard with storage.

Couple of medicine cabinets and some bowls

Couple of big metal fish

The other one.

Not sure what this is, but I recall lots of bids on it.

Snazzy bar stools.

For the Maynard G. Krebbs in all of us.

Salad bowls?

A piece of wood to sit on.

A much nicer something to sit on.

Wind up clown.

Does anyone still collect old crocks?

A better picture of a dirty HW dresser.

Not sure who made this one, but it sure was big.

Another pic of the HW headboard.

Somebody's grandma's lamp.

Interesting leather purse.

Remember these. Mostly new in box.

Marbles AND a root beer mug

The mirror for the HW dresser.

Motorola AM tube radio.

Dentist tools. (just kiddin')

Oriental vase.

Kind of neat serving set.

Designer bag.

I remember this thing went for about $150

Florida Souvenir scarf #1

Florida souvenir scarf #2

I guess not everything can be midcentury.

Mid century cabinet less sliding glass doors.

Planes . . .

. . . trains

. . .and. . .

. . . automobiles. Sort of.

Nice blue vase.

 1940 Art Deco-ish AM Tube Radio

So yeah, I bought some of this stuff. Care to take a guess as to what lives in my house now?

We'll be back later with . . . more stuff.


  1. I'm gonna guess the cabinet sans glass doors and a couplatwotree radios?

  2. I just happen to be starting on refinishing that very dresser! Tell Wonder Woman to follow along if she's ready to get a start on yours...

  3. @Diana, you are right on the money.But there's so much more.

    @David, We'll be following along. No question about it.