Thursday, March 1, 2012

Davy Jones, 1945 - 2012

Davy Jones died yesterday at age 66.

While he did have a career prior to 1966, it was what he did in 1966 that gave him world-wide stardom. He became a Monkee.

I remember in September of 1966 sitting down and watching the first episode of The Monkees. One of my first 45s was Last Train To Clarksville. For a time I dug The Monkees way more than I did The Beatles.

Would Davy Jones want to be remembered strictly for being a Monkee? Beats me. But since his Monkee-ness is what made him known to me, that's how I'll remember him. The short one, the cute one, the one who made tambourines and maracas instruments of pop music.

I'm sure Marcia Brady will miss him much more than I will, but I still feel a loss.

Rest In Peace, Davy Jones.


  1. I was a Monkees fan back in the day too. RIP, Davy.

  2. I too was a Monkee's fan. Though I went for Michael Nesbitt (much like I went for George instead of Paul)
    Davy aged gracefully, don't you think?
    RIP though your life was short it was good.