Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introducing Bob "Solid State, Baby" Oster, The Dave's MidCentury Stuff Las Vegas Correspondent

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bob "Solid State, Baby" Oster.

Bob in his kitchen.

I've known Bob a long time. We go way back, and share a lot of common interests. We met Bob in Vegas. He was performing off the strip in an "old vegas" club. He saw us in the audience, and after the show came over to our table and started laying some pretty smooth lines on Wonder Woman. They might have worked too, except Wonder Woman is pretty close to six feet tall, and Bob is . . . well, . . . vertically challenged.

Come on in and read the rest of the story.

Bob lives in Las Vegas. He is a full time Mixologist, part time lounge crooner, and a full time aficionado of anything mid century. His turn ons include toggle switches and electricity. His turn offs are when someone hides his step stool, and trying to see over the steering wheel.

Bob has agreed to drop in occasionally and give us the Las Vegas perspective. Bob does what the rest of us do - he goes to thrift stores, collects mid century treasures, haunts antique stores looking for just he right piece - he just does it in a very unique way.

Let me warn everyone, especially you ladies. Bob is a bit of a rogue. He uses terminology like - Chick, Cat, Baby, Swingin', Crazy and Dig. Basically he thinks he's Frank Sinatra. While most of us like recreating the 60s in our homes, Bob is 60s. Old Vegas, 60s. He's like Don Draper without self control.

This is Bob's Den. He has his own casino in his apartment.

That's about it. Bob's first post will be on Monday. Oh, one more thing, he got his nickname because he is Solid State and, it's his seal of approval. If something's "solid state" that means he likes it.

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  1. I caught Bobs act the other night and as alway he blew me away! You may not no it but on special occasions he can do a mean Elvis! I'm telling you that cat can really mix it up.