Saturday, March 3, 2012

. . . and yet more ceramic dishes

If you came in late and haven't read my past posts - shame on you! On the other hand if you've been following along you've probably put together the fact that I'm kind of a sucker for old ceramic dishes, ashtrays, and the like.

Monday the 27th, Wonder Woman and I hit a couple of thrifts. We didn't bring home a huge haul but there were three ceramic dishes. Here's a preview. Can you spot the animal?

I don't even know if this tray is particularly old. I bought it because of its shiny brown finish. When I got it home and started cleaning it up I noticed the elephant.

How do you know if there's been an elephant in your refrigerator?

Foot prints in the butter.
I thought that was hilarious when I was eight. Elephant jokes were big back then. Okay, moving on.

I found this Masonic emblem ashtray. Cool shape. Extra large in size. However I can't imagine a Mason grinding his butts out on the emblem of his secret organization. Seems like it might be a little disrespectful.

I really like the shape, size, and color of this one.

I believe this is the emblem of The Mystic Shrine.

International Order of Rainbow Girls

Order of the Eastern Star

The Square and Compass emblem of The Masons

And getting back into the land of real ashtrays in which you can grind out your butts, here's this nice example. I'm going to have to buy more tables just to display all of my ceramic dishes and trays.

It probably has something on the underneath side. . .

. . . but I forgot to shoot the backs.

There you have it, three more examples of ceramic coolness.

We'll be back later with . . . more stuff.

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