Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1951 Magnavox Console Television

I've had this old television for quite a while. Somehow it never seems to quite reach the top of the fix it list. There is some allure to having this 50s television sitting amidst my other 50s pieces in kind of a throwback 1950s tableau. Come on in and see what you think.

I had some money burning a hole in my pocket and I needed  an old TV. I really liked this one,

but it went for a ridiculous amount of money. Then I saw this portable and images of an old metal stand and

rabbit ears danced in my head. Alas, it also sold for more than I was interested in paying. Feeling downhearted and rejected I put it into the hands of the MidCentury Stuff gods. They'll find a TV for me and it will be the right one.

A couple of days later I'm looking in good old Craig's List and what do I find? The coolest TV ever. Well, maybe not the coolest ever, but for the money is was a fabulous deal. I brought it home, took lots of pictures and put it on the To Do list. I might as well have put it on the To Don't  list. It still sits. One of these days . . .

Here it is waiting to jump out of the truck.

Looks remarkably like this one doesn't it? All of this paperwork came with the TV.

Below the television is where you store your records, and the drawer on the right holds a turntable.

An aerial view of the turn table. Trust me, I know, it needs serious cleaning.

It says Magnavox, Fort Wayne, Indiana and there is a lion head sticking out of a Victrola style horn. COOL!
AM and FM, not too shabby. Plus - all the knobs are there.

I thought I'd use these tables . . .

with these chairs. Minus the danish modern lamp. And maybe throw in the . . .

Siamese twin, Siamese cats with the creepy eyes TV lamp.

 But anyway, you get the idea. It could be my "grandpa's room" where his old stuff resides in the otherwise very trendy 60s danish modern themed house. But he'll be danged if he's going to get rid of his perfectly good stuff. It helps to have an imagination.

I'm going to be occasionally, heavily distracted over the next couple of months. My posts will probably start thinning out this week. Never fear though, I'll be back full time in July.

We'll be back pretty soon with . . . more stuff.

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  1. What a cool TV! Magnavox was doing entertainment centers before we even started calling them that, huh?