Monday, March 26, 2012

Finding A Deal In Vegas

When I'm not singing to the ladies at my part-time gig downtown, or mixing up the best drinks in the desert, I might be sneaking through a thrift shop to see if I can add some early days elements to my pad.

Here's a quick peek at what you might see on our first date.

This is the Liberace Museum and Lounge. I'll meet you here for a quick drink.

For a night in with Bob, baby, first thing you must have is music. I picked up this fine floor stereo at a local thrift. Here's the story. This piece had no price posted, so I asked the thrift store chick "Hey, baby, how much and does it work?" She gave me a price of twenty clams. I crawled up to have a look inside. Hey, no short jokes. I noticed it had no stylus, that's a needle for you regular people. I offered her a picture of Abraham Lincoln. SOLD! Here it is:

This is Dave writing the captions. He means he paid five dollars for it.

It even has the old 45 adapter.

Now that I have a record player I'll need a little mood music. How about twenty five cents worth of Francis Albert. You can't beat these prices with a baseball bat.

Figures. Bob thinks he's Frank Sinatra so whose records would he own?

Now that I have a little music playing in the background, you hungry? Why don't I whip up some breakfast for you and serve it on my Silver Pine China by Franciscan.

This is kinda nice. All I have is some old North Star.

I got 4 place settings and a serving platter and gravy boat for seventy smackers. A quick look on that online auction website will show you I got a steal. This stuff is like new.

When I mix a drink it is a work of art. And nothing says work of art like a gold frame. Wrap your lips around one of my Culver gold plated glasses. Are you kiddin me? Ninety nice cents? I'll take all eight of 'em.
And those two round decanters back there - four dollars. The only thing expensive around here is my taste. And I'm satisfying it with seriously discounted prices here in Vegas, baby.

Didn't I see those glasses on Mad Men? I think Roger has some in his office.

Bob at home relaxing.

This has been Bob, your vintage Vegas host, reminding you that: if it's old, it's gold, baby. Next time around I'll show you some stuff in my crazy bachelor pad. Ciao, bella.


  1. Bob's my cool cousin. I'll be sponging at his Vegas pad next month and all Bob asked for were some Lucky Strikes and light weight motor oil. He's's great at parties, I promised to bring up some vinyl by one of his favorites, Esquivel. Ciao, babe. Danny Diamond

  2. Hey BOB. Love the nostalgia and '60's vintage stuff. One question, what's your favorite blender mix? I know Danny Diamond loves Psyllium smoothies in the morning. Lounge Hounde

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen. Bob has left the building.

    Stay tuned for his next appearance at a blog near you.