Friday, March 2, 2012

Last Friday's Auction Action

I mentioned a couple of day's ago that we went to an auction last Friday. Auctions are great for buyers when the crowd is kind of thin. Fewer people = fewer bids. I think we got some pretty good deals.

So come on in and see what we bought.

Some of you may already know this so bear with us for a minute here.

When you buy at auction there is sometimes what is known as a buyer's premium. At this auction there was a ten percent buyer's premium.

This means that if you bid on and win an item at forty five dollars it will actually cost you forty nine dollars and fifty cents. Your winning bid plus ten percent. Then you ad sales tax on top of that.

The prices I give you will include the buyer's premium but not sales tax.

1948 Motorola Model 58A Radio - $5.50

Midcentury Display Cabinet Minus Sliding Doors - $24.75

1949 RCA Model 8X541 Radio - $33.00

1939 Aeroscope Model 372-5R Radio - $41.25

XXX Brand Root Beer Mug w/Marbles $11.00

Heywood Wakefield "Encore" Eight Drawer Dresser . . .

With Mirror - $132.00 (both pieces)

Heywood Wakefield Headboard - $38.50

Two Piece Vintage Souvenir Scarf Collection - $12.00

Wallace Silver Plated Ice Bucket - $24.75


Oriental Vase - $2.20

As I said above I think we got some pretty good deals on some stuff. And I think we paid market price on a few things, but I don't think we got hurt on anything.

If we hit any more auctions you'll be the first ninth or tenth person to know.

We'll be back later with more stuff.


  1. Wow! All that for around $400?! You couldn't get that H/W stuff for under $400! Nice job! Can't wait to see the book case and the H/W stuff all cleaned up!

  2. You definetely got a great deal on the Heywood Wakefield. I would have jumped all over this! If you keep watching my blog you'll soon see what I'd do with your pieces...

  3. Those were amazing prices. When we first started going to the auction in the Dallas Design District, hardly anyone went and we got great prices like that. Now so many people go that it's hardly worth the effort. Things go for way too much money.