Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I hope this isn't the one that got away.

This might be the shortest post in my short blogging history.

Let's see, if today is Tuesday I've been on the road for about 24 hours. I'm a road warrior for the next few days. Taking a road trip to pick up some purchases I made on ebay that I didn't want delivered. It's 11:20 pm as I'm writing this and I'm beat. Tomorrow I hit it hard again.

Of course I've already hit five thrift stores. Purchases come later. Today's post is about what I didn't buy. As I said, I hope it wasn't something great that I let get away from me.

This china cabinet (separate hutch and base) was in a shop just south and west of Orlando. It had a price of $100 on it. I asked for seventy five, but the best counter offer I got was eighty. So here is the eighty dollar mid century china cabinet I let get away. Please tell me it was no big thing.

It was in a really narrow aisle and I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing at one time, so kind of stitch the pieces together in your mind and let me know what you think.

I do like how the ends flared out.

The wood doesn't match in the pictures, but in the store it looked better.

Two drawers in the middle, and a door on each end.

It was very clean. No scratches or anything.

I really like the leg detail.

I really like Danish Modern. A lot. It was hard to pass this up. Okay my friends, give it to me straight. Did I pass up a once in a lifetime piece? Or was it no big deal?

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. I have this piece as well as the matching table and chairs. Unknown maker but it's magnificent. I've seen this china cabinet sell online for as high as $650.

  2. Hi GP

    So eighty bucks was probably a pretty good deal, huh?

    Tell me, does the wood on yours match better than in these pictures?

    When I saw the pictures I thought - is that even the same cabinet I was just shooting?

  3. It may not have been the miss of a lifetime, but if I'd stumbled upon this, it would have a new home!

  4. I definitely would have snatched this up for $80. Really, you were only $5 away but I would have waffled a little before loading it!

  5. My wood matches very nicely, I think walnut. Pictures are here:
    I do hope someone makes it to Orlando and rescues it!

  6. Pssst!

    Hey Suzy, I have it on good authority that the danish modern china cabinet found a good home just two days after I saw it and left it there.

    More to come.

  7. Thought I would see if I could make your link clickable.

    Georgia Peachez MidModMakeover