Friday, March 16, 2012

Road Trip Day 4 - The Mother Load part 2

Since these words don't write themselves I suppose I better get busy.

It's day 4 of this road trip. It's 8:00 pm as I'm sitting here. I have a big day planned for tomorrow, I have some decent posts coming in the next week or so about other things that have happened on this trip, and I'm going to spend the weekend in St Louis, home of some very famous midcentury bloggers.

Yesterday I showed you half the pictures I took at the Springfield Antique Center in Springfield, OH. Today you get the remainder.

Somewhere around 36 more photos inside.

Welcome to the turquoise booth.

This very lamp was sold as I was in the store. Small world.

The sticker says Murano.

What would a place full of old stuff be without a Frank recording?

What a great pole lamp!

This is a TV lamp.

This thing was huge. I think it would be cool to stick a quartz movement in it and make it a functioning clock.

This chair has interesting lines. Can anyone identify it with just this shot?

For all of you Wisconsinites who read the blog, thank you.

So that's the Springfield Antique Center. After this experience I may change my opinion about antique malls.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. Very COOL!!! I have that plate that is on the shelf behind the aqua lamp. The one with the scallops and dots. Found it in the trash. Do you remember the price on it? Just curious.
    I could have spent an hour just in this booth!

    1. I'm sorry, I don't think I even saw it while I was standing there. There was more than a bit of sensory overload.

  2. I pretty much want everything in that first booth! So much fun!

  3. Who knew there was anyone that wild living in South Dakota? LOL

  4. Dave! You made my day. Thanks for posting 4 pictures of stuff in my booth. I am honored. Bob

    1. Hey Bob,

      Is your booth the one I called the turquoise booth?