Monday, February 27, 2012

The Latest Thrift Store Haul

It's Monday so that must mean it's show and tell time from the weekend's activities.

What a diverse mix. Let's see . . . we have books, grapes, luggage, recording tape, and extra stuff. The best stuff is inside.

Psst! Wanna see a naked man?

We started our trip at the Lehigh Acres Goodwill store. I usually always find something here. Today it was fruit. Grapes in particular. The big acrylic home decorating kind of grapes. Three dollars. Can you believe it?

This is a fairly good sized bunch of grapes.

Doesn't that wood look suspiciously like a convenient carrying handle?

I've seen in other blogs where people really go gaga over these.

So we ran over to LaBelle, FL to the Kiwanis Thrift Store and found an old Samsonite Train Case. It's in nice shape. The mirror and tray are both there and in one piece. That's unusual. Usually it's just an empty case. It doesn't look like it ever had a lining. Two bucks later it belongs to Wonder Woman.

I found a really nice American Tourister Train Case a couple of weeks ago in a church thrift store. The tray was intact, the lining was nice, but it was the no mirror model. Two bucks. Wonder Woman has already turned it into an Official Wonder Woman Utility Case full of Genuine Wonder Woman Accessories or I'd show it to you.

Not as nice as the American Tourister model, but still for two bucks . . .

You always want the tray, good lining, and an uncracked mirror.

Also at the Kiwanis store I found this collection of second rate, knock off interior decorating and home improvement books.

Looks like it was an eighteen volume set. I found fourteen of them. I negotiated a price of fifty cents apiece. Later I'm getting ready to haul seven bucks out of my pocket and they give me the twenty five percent off discount 'cause I'm so good looking (or old, I don't remember which).

Most of this stuff is probably late 60s. The copyright date is MCMLXX

Hmm! Maybe I need to build a shop.

I've been seeing a lot of Tiffany Blue lately. This is kinda close.

Too bad these designers were so chromaphobic. Not!

Ahh! Natural wood. And leaves. And booze.

How to use a crazy hand drill.

Look a Rob and Laura Petrie sofa. Sort of.

I already showed this in the Ceramic Dish Update yesterday, but I like it so much I want to show it again. Seventy Five cents.

Wonder Woman has an interest in health and medicine and stuff, so she picked up this naked man book for a buck and a half.

The classic 1906 edition.

Nice 'stache and goatee.

Eye see you!

I want the primary color Pyrex nesting bowls. You know the ones - blue fits into red which fits into green which fits into yellow. They want about forty bucks and up for these complete sets. I'm a little too cheap to spring for that so I've decided I'll get them one at a time no matter how long it takes.

Here's the first one; the two and a half quart green bowl. Good shape. No major paint loss. Two bucks.

Two bucks for Pyrex = Good deal.

Good paint, no cracks, no chips, no problem.
Also at Goodwill was this Swedish, Rainbow Wood Products wooden tray. It may be teak, who knows. It's eighteen inches across and that's largely cool. Two more bucks.

When it cracks I bet it'll do it right where those dark lines are.

Let's say you're having a party and you need to keep the tray of stuffed mushrooms warm. What to do!? The Salton Warming Tray to the rescue. This looks like it's from the 70s, but it has the tapered legs, dark wood handles, and the dark wood veneer strip on the side that give it enough of a 60s vibe that it'll do. Two more bucks. I seem to be the king of two bucks lately.

Extra nice because it came with the cord.

Wood trim and multiple temp settings.

With a name like Salton it has to be good.
I don't have a picture, but I also found a large plastic bin full of 7" recording tapes for a reel to reel tape recorder. Forty four 7" tapes. Not the prerecorded type but the blank type that you record on yourself. Twenty bucks.

As it turns out I have one of these:

A 1968-ish Sony 666D

. . . so a bin of 40 blank tapes will probably last me the rest of my life.

I'd say that was a productive weekend. Lotsa neat stuff and I only spent about forty bucks. That's cheaper than the movies.

We'll be back later with . . . more stuff.


  1. Wow, you made quite a haul. I love the decorating book! And at my age, the naked man you showed is about as much as I can handle...LOL

  2. Not too shabby for a days pickin'! I like the warming tray. It's got some really nice lines. My wife and I were perusing some old decorating books she has on hand today and will likely put in the store tomorrow. Garish fun and some of the pics are hard on the eyes!

  3. I was just telling Mrs Vegas the other day we need some grapes. Nice haul!