Thursday, March 1, 2012

MetalCraft Four Seasons Wall Hangings

Quite popular in the late 50s to early 60s was this set of wall hangings called Four Seasons.

Winter and Summer by Metalcraft in Sage Green

Want to know everything about them that I know?

They were made by Metalcraft and sold for less than two bucks each at G.C. Murphy, and other fine variety stores. The complete series included four framed panels each with one of the four seasons stamped into metal creating a three dimensional scene. As you would imagine the four panels were named Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Each piece had a label on the back describing all four scenes, along with hanging suggestions to create four different arrangements on your wall.

Buck Ninety Eight and G.C. Murphy.

The four different images representing each of the seasons are some variation of a goddess, cupid, and a flower. They look like they're matted but again that's stamped metal. They're built into stamped metal frames and covered with what feels to me like plexiglass. These pieces are fifteen inches tall by eight inches wide and about an inch thick. Now that I'm thinking about it they seem a little shadow box-ish.

There were at least three different color schemes available. Shown below are what I'm going to call sage green, and the multicolored one. My mom had a set that I'd call lavender-ish beige.

I found these at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Ft Myers. In sage green I have Winter and Summer. The multicolored ones are Summer and Autumn. Looks like I have some to keep and some to trade. I'd like a complete set of one color. Wanna trade?

We'll be back later with . . . more stuff.


  1. I love vintage wall decor. I think it's really cool that they even put a sticker on the back suggesting how to hang the sets.

  2. My Aunt has two of the metalcraft four season pictures with the white back ground. One you have pictured above with woman and smal cherib under the tree with the gold and red acorns. The other is not pictured but it has the white background with the goddess playing the harp and small cherib and a stand of rosses in gold, red, and blue but the flowers are just buds not open the whole way.
    Can you tell me how much these are worth?

    Pat Porterfield

    1. Based on what I've seen, five to ten bucks apiece.

    2. Thanks Dave,
      I was hoping they would be a bit more since they are so old but it is what it is.
      Thanks again for the help.

      Pat Porterfield

    3. Hi Dave,
      I forgot to ask you. I also have two small pictures of 2 birds sitting side by side on flowering tree branches. They look like they are in the same type of frame. There is nothing on the back of the frames that says Metalcraft but my Aunt did work for Murphy's for years and I am pretty sure she probably bought them the same time she bought the Four Season Pictures. Have any Idea's as to whether they may be made by Metalcraft?
      Pat Porterfield

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