Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The One That Almost Got Away Didn't

One week ago today I ran a post called I hope this isn't the one that got away.

It was about a cool old danish modern china cabinet I found in a thrift store just outside of Orlando at the beginning of my road trip. It was stuck in a narrow aisle and I couldn't get any full on pix of it. I've solved the not getting any full on pix problem. Come in and see how.

I hardly ever get comments on my posts before 10:00am, but the day I ran the post lamenting the fact that I left this gorgeous china cabinet in Orlanda - BAM! I got a post from GeorgiaPeachez saying she has one, it's beautiful, and she's seen them go for six hundred plus dollars on ebay.

Well that really made my day. Considering I was now in Virginia, I didn't know the name of the thrift store where I had seen it, or the address, the phone number, or even the proper city that it was in, I figured I was screwed. Long story short. After three and a half hours of Wonder Woman and I both researching, googling, mapquesting, dialing directory assistance on a cell phone (you know how expensive that is?), etc. I had a phone number. I called, gave them a credit card number over the phone and it was mine.

Next day Wonder Woman and friend drove to Davenport, Florida in her Jeep with our motorcycle trailer in tow. After carefully packing it into a memory foam mattress pad and "borrowed" U-Haul blankets, she got it back to our house unscathed.

Here are several pix. Some are better than others, but in person it is gorgeous. Trust me.

We recently acquired a Jens Risom sofa with a very similar leg treatment.

Looks good from just about every angle.

Two drawers in the middle and two doors on the ends.

Glass top to a table we're still working on.

If you look closely in these pictures you can see how we have our living room decorated.

The photos just don't do it justice.

Undergoing the Schnauzer test. It passed.
If you'll remember the best price I could get was eighty bucks. I paid that and another eighty in gas to get it home. Total one hundred sixty bucks. Not quite as good a deal, but something that I do not regret at all. Thanks Georgia Peachez for throwing that big bucket of cold water in my face.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. Is that a Kent Coffey Forteller? The Forteller buffets I've seen have had vertical "lines" on the doors, but the similarities are striking.

    1. There are no identifying marks or stamps anywhere in this, Nick. I'd bet it's just a no-name.

  2. You almost had me tempted to try and find this piece with the first post. I already have a couple of nice chinas in house though and too much to do as it is. Glad you reeled it in. :)

  3. Way to "pull that trigger"! I guess it was gnawing at ya. That is a great china cab. and it's nice to finally see it in all it's glory!

  4. Great looking piece. I'm glad you took the time to track it down and get it!

  5. That is a very cool china hutch and a great price (even with gas)!

  6. Whew! Thank god, it was keeping me awake at night worrying about that china cabinet languishing in that thrift shop.