Saturday, March 17, 2012

Old Albums. Where's the value - Music or Cover Art?

Before I left home last Monday for the current road trip I did a little yard sale thrifting. I'm not crazy about yard and garage sales. You have to wade through lots and lots of yards and garages to find one or two treasures. But I did find a stack of albums that I picked through. Every one of these albums has either decent (to me) music or cool cover art.

I have a couple of old stereo consoles with record players. I'll try some of these to see how they sound, but really and truly I think displaying them as art and having people thumb through them is the real value.

Gee, do you think the space program of the late 50s early 60s was big?

I got this one because my dad was a pit crew member for the Indy car on the right.

Sultry is the word that comes to mind.

A comedy album based on the Kennedy family.

I'd never heard of this woman, but a Google search indicates she was doing . . .

risque comedy way back in 1960. Apparently she did a lot of "boobs" material.

I lived in Speedway, Indiana for a while. I had to get this.

This guy was on 77 Sunset Strip. He was a huge teen heart throb.

I like jazz. What can I say?

This is supposed to be good seduction music.

Nice party dresses, pearls, strappy sandals, skinny ties, etc.

I believe this one speaks for itself. I only bought it for the middle eastern music.

I'm a huge fan of Herb Alpert and the TJ Brass

Now I have my very own Frank album.

David Rose and His Orchestra provided the music on The Red Skelton Show.

More jazz, and with a name like Muggsy it has to be good.

My favorite Herb Alpert and TJ Brass album.

This was their first album.

Yeah, for me it's pretty much about the cover art. You just don't get this with downloaded MP3s from iTunes. Another art form gone by the wayside.

We'll be right back with . . . more stuff.


  1. Nothing beats flipping through a huge stack of LPs. We mid-century lovers may break out into all kinds of sub-categories of collectors, but the one thing we all agree on is that new isn't always better.

  2. So true Dana! Part of what my business partner Michael and I love are the album covers too! The music is all such a bonus especially when played on a great vintage tube stereo!

  3. Hope you're having fun out there today treasure hunting Dave! Great to meet with you yesterday. I took all of the remaining pics of your purchases and I'll be sending them on their way next. Have a good one and safe travels!

  4. What no Wayne Newton? From my experiences with old records it seems condition of the record itself is number 1 and cover 2 plus you have to have an artist that people want.